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Georgia began her professional art career in 1981 as a graphic designer, working in Vancouver, B.C. She later worked in Portland, Oregon, and Anchorage, Alaska. She contributed to such notable accounts as Whistler Blackcomb, Tourism British Columbia, Starbucks Coffee Company, and Alaska State Parks.

In 2002, after her work with Alaska State Parks, Georgia had been inspired by the rugged beauty and the delicacy of the ecosystems she had come to love. Georgia began employing oil paints, and a portable easel to paint plein air and represent the majesty of her surroundings.


Upon moving to Montana in 2005, Georgia continued to paint landscapes and wildlife, all the while attending workshops from accomplished artists to continue expanding her unique style. She began using a combination of palette knives and paintbrushes, coupled with her oil paints to create paintings with emotion, texture and depth while supporting conservation efforts through her work.


In late December 2017, Georgia experienced Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a life-threatening condition that leaves patients recovering for years from severe paralysis. To Georgia, the systemic damage GBS inflicted on her nervous system seemed much like the damage inflicted by habitat fragmentation on delicate ecosystems. Habitat loss can be devastating for species that are already endangered, but it is a serious threat for countless others as well. Her hope is that her work inspires the guardian in You to help preserve and restore our wild spaces for future generations.


During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it was apparent to her that nature has the power to raise our spirits and return people back to a place of health and balance. "I am always in a state of awe while outdoors plein air painting, and I hope my paintings inspire audiences to choose acts of care and co-existance with our living, brilliant, natural world". She hopes to inspire the idea of implementing over and underpasses along our roadways to allow wildlife to safely move through their natural migration routes.


Passionate about giving back to nature, Georgia donates a portion of the proceeds from each original painting sold, to one of a variety of conservation organizations such as the Sierra Club (Rocky Mountain Campaign), Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), Montana Land Reliance (MLR), The Vital Ground Foundation and Grizzly Bear Foundation. Because of this, Georgia's collectors enjoy both the intrinsic beauty of her artwork while giving back to help support our natural ecosystems.

Teachers & Mentors

Robert Bateman

Liz Wiltzen

Greta Guzak

Jerry Markham

Mark Heine

Tom Soltesz

David Mensing

Steven Olestad

Greg Beecham

Julie Chapman

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